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Russell's blog of those he has coached as well as his own experiences of international endurance races such as Marathon Des Sables, Leadville 100 miler, Kepler Challenge, Heaphy 50 mile, Coast to Coast, Trans Rockies, Kauri Ultra and Tarawera Ultra.

Nicola Marincic (Turkey) Achieves Marathon Des Sables Finish!

One of Action Potentials specialist areas of expertise is MDS and we helped Nic with nutrition for training and racing, advised on equipment and clothing, terrain training and detailed run sessions and heart rates. For Nic weight training supplemented his preparation and he really worked hard over the months as we introduced race preparation, three days preparation camps and detailed assesment of shoes, food and equipment.

At the race he, of course, learnt a great deal but he was overjoyed to go well and enjoy the unique race as part of the 1200 field. The days went:

37km - 566th - 6 hrs 11

30km - 278 - 5 hrs 12

38km - 295 - 5 hrs 32

75km - 419 - 14 hrs 54

42 km - 574 - 7 hrs 23

Total result = position 422

He states the three aspects to focus on... "sand and rock running, have a light pack of 7.5kgs or 8kgs max and test your food especially the running food" Nic goes on to add that the race is "fantastic in every way with unique scenery, unforgettable friends and just a great race". So the Turk did well! Thank you for all the hard work, pleasure working with you and to eveyone else thinking of it... think carefully, get help (seriously its worth every penny) and achieve a great result.

I know how truly mind bending and bloody tough this monster is, the pictures and stories cannot ever relay the trials and agony involved for many. Patrick, the Race Director said it was "one of the toughest ever" but it does not diminish this thing to say he told me that in both 2003 and 2006. What is absolutely true is that its very very tough in so many ways. The memories will stay with this Turk for life but he is undaunted... planning more right now!

Candice Hindriksen