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Coach Russell Maylin has experience in Ultra and Endurance Race competitions in New Zealand and internationally. A highlight being the desert race, Marathon Des Sables. Russell has a passion for understanding your training challenges and creating detailed coaching plans to help you achieve your goals.


Russell Maylin

Your Coach Russell Maylin (shown on the left here with tentmates after finishing his second Marathon Des Sables) has a background in racing. Highlights include two Marathon Des Sables top finishes, two Leadville Trail 100 runs (sub 25 hr buckle), the Transalpine 278 km race, Swiss K78 as well as top results in his chosen New Zealand home. Read more about Russell's Race achievements.

Although in his fifties now Russell remains one tough competitor and recently got a third place overall in the six day Trans Rockies USA. He is driven though by the lovely places in which he runs daily as well as in races. He enjoys the company of likeminded competitors who have also trained hard to be there. Russell incorporates technical structures and advances to training and preparation for his athletes but also tries to keep to the 'code' and original ethics that brought him to wild running. The races he has enjoyed most and to which he is attracted tend to reflect a similar ethos.

His Coaching contact with the athlete is on time and reliable with detailed plans for the weeks ahead which is as easy or complicated as you wish. He will want to know, where possible, your heart rate data to assist improvement in sessions. You can look forward to a longterm relationship full of humour and understanding for your training challenges. This Coach helps people who are looking to race hard to a top ultra finish or those first timers trying to achieve a lifetime goal whilst balancing business and family. Your time will be respected and utilised effectively.

Of course, Russell's plan alone won't get you out on the trails or changing that diet or finishing the race! We will need to do it together so you will need to bring the effort and humour and yes... maybe a bit of guts also at times! It's fun though and we possibly only live the once so let's make the most of it. Russell does not regret one single race or the life he has chosen and he has found many of you are the same.

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I realise now, after the race, that Russell’s Coaching plan allowed me to do Marathon Des Sables with Rolls Royce preparation.
— Nicola Marincic (Turkey)