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Russell's blog of those he has coached as well as his own experiences of international endurance races such as Marathon Des Sables, Leadville 100 miler, Kepler Challenge, Heaphy 50 mile, Coast to Coast, Trans Rockies, Kauri Ultra and Tarawera Ultra.

Coaching Athletes / Results Berlin Marathon

We have some excellent Clients in Turkey and their recent focus was 2016 Berlin marathon. The group seems, from New Zealand, to be a really happy band of troopers. Nikola, Gunseli, Tayfun and Serkan had differing time goals but all pretty big improvements on some pretty good previous results.

They trimmed down well, trained with focus and maturity over many months. Their group seems to really help each other through the months and their recent (pre Berlin) speed efforts, half marathons and ten km time trials showed they were in good condition.

On the day they remarked about the huge crowds which did not really help with a good start but they soon outstripped that issue and found their separate paces.

In the end Nikola went well under his previous best and got a fantastic 3:36, Günseli (female) ran a PB with the same time 3:36 (did you both run together for pacing or just meet up near the end to duke it out?). That's a scorching 12 minutes faster than previous best of 3:48. Certainly she qualifies for Boston with that. Action Potential was less involved with Serkan and Tayfun but we have helped them before and I believe they joined in for some of the routines provided so we were pleased here to see them drill it with 3:32 (previous was 3:57) and 2:50 (previous PB 2:57) respectively.

The mistakes people make are many but these (lady and gents) did not leave it all too late like many ie do it all in twelve weeks, they did trim down their weight slowly and in healthy fashion to peak for this race, they did do the right base work and strength work both in the gym and in the running drills, they did good speed work ( as a Coach this is often an area that needs close attention ) and they did peak well with good recovery. Well done for the work and thank you for choosing Action Potential for your company Nikola. I am sure everyone appreciates the support you provide on an ongoing basis.

Please enjoy the success and take it from me, being able to run like this does not go on forever. Enjoy it to the max and remember your great days training together with friends and racing Berlin with success for everyone. Enjoy a few relaxing days now with recovery training in mind and maybe a beer or a bar of chocolate!

Candice Hindriksen