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Russell's blog of those he has coached as well as his own experiences of international endurance races such as Marathon Des Sables, Leadville 100 miler, Kepler Challenge, Heaphy 50 mile, Coast to Coast, Trans Rockies, Kauri Ultra and Tarawera Ultra.

Goretex Transalpine Run 2011 Photographs

Sometimes its better to just let some photographs tell you about a race so I have put up some good ones of it. You have to do it as a two person team, due to the mountainous environment, so my wife and I completed this very tough race in August and September of 2011. I cannot stress enough that this is one very demanding run involving many tough hours in rugged areas and should not be attempted unless well prepared. For the inexperienced it is fine for a day or two but the relentless massive climbs and descents on fabulous but tough terrain coupled with "testing" post run care and sleeping arrangements causes injury etc. It is a magnificent character building trip though, with great scenery and some lovely people. One of the best races i have done despite its downsides. I am able to offer training programmes specifically for this race including nutrition and equipment advice. I have never seen so many injuries in a race, apart from Marathon Des Sables, and they are mainly lower limb issues reflecting the preparation put in by athletes and therefore very often avoidable. The standard of fitness is high and you will make some great friends here. Be prepared to splash out on some hotels in the middle of this race, certainly if Scuol is on your trip avoid the accom provided. The town is lovely, with great spa and facilities but race dinner is not worth turning up for and sleeping was actually upsetting to some of the ladies (and some of the guys).

Candice Hindriksen